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October 19, 2017


ACO roundup: ED patients struggle to arrange prompt follow-up care, study finds

Anthem to launch PBM in a partnership with CVS Health

Around the nation: Spider-Man, Iron Man, and more rappel down a children's hospital

The secret to higher inpatient satisfaction: 'BATHE'

States ask court to force Trump admin to make ACA's CSR payments

Does DOJ have the tools to fight opioid misuse? They're going to find out.

The 'financial toxicity' of Rx drugs continues to rise. Here are 3 ways to address it.

Some signs are pointing to a bad flu season—and this year's vaccine might not work as well as hoped

Millennials should 'reverse mentor' health care leaders. Here's why.

At age 19, this hospital's former patient has become its No. 1 fundraiser

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