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August 7, 2017

Weekly review: The highest-paid physicians, according to Modern Healthcare

Daily Briefing

    These 9 behaviors could cut dementia risk by one-third (July 31)
    For the new report, published in The Lancet, researchers conducted an expansive review of existing studies and identified key behaviors—including smoking, social isolation, and physical inactivity—that drive many cases of dementia.

    Inside Amazon's 'secret lab' developing new EHR and telemedicine technologies (Aug. 1)
    Tech giant Amazon has created a secret lab called 1492 that's reportedly focused on advancing EHRs and telemedicine, Eugene Kim and Christina Farr report for CNBC. Here's what you need to know.

    The highest-paid physicians, according to Modern Healthcare (Aug. 2)
    See how compensation in both specialty and primary care fields held up this year—and read our national partner Ron Charpentier's take on how to redesign compensation models to attract and retain physicians.

    Is your mac and cheese really 'toxic'? Probably not. (Aug. 3)
    A recent report by the Coalition for Safer Food Processing and Packaging suggests fans of boxed macaroni and cheese should be worried about potentially harmful chemicals called phthalates in the processed food products—but critics say the concerns are unwarranted.

    How Cleveland Clinic doctors save time with a 'single statement' (Aug. 4)
    Cleveland Clinic has prioritized the patient experience by emphasizing empathetic communication—which has boosted the organization's bottom line along the way, Debra Beaulieu writes for HealthLeaders Media.

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