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July 10, 2017

Weekly review: Why so many people (wrongly) think coconut oil is healthy

Daily Briefing

    Former employee kills 1, injures 6 in Bronx hospital shooting before taking own life (July 5)
    Bronx-Lebanon clinicians provided immediate medical care for victims of the attack, which likely averted more casualties, according to chief physician Zid Sridhar Chilimuri. "Timely action is what saved lives that day," Chilimuri said.

    Why so many people (wrongly) think coconut oil is healthy (July 6)
    A new American Heart Association report confirms what research has shown for years: Coconut oil—despite having an empirically unsupported reputation as a heart-healthy food—isn't all that healthy at all. Here's what you should use instead.

    US hospital offers to admit Charlie Gard, infant at center of global controversy over withdrawing (July 7)
    New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center on Thursday said it is willing to treat an 11-month old British infant with an extremely rare genetic disease whose care has drawn worldwide attention, including from Pope Francis and President Trump.

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