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June 19, 2017

Weekly review: Amazon's shaking up the medical supply business. Here's how we're thinking about it.

Daily Briefing

    44 health companies make the Fortune 500 (June 12)

    The Fortune 500 list features several companies in the health care industry, including HCA Holdings, which took the No. 63 spot.

    This nurse-led approach cut hospital readmission rates by 56 percent (June 13)

    A small tweak helped community health not-for-profit Sun Health cut the Medicare 30-day hospital readmission rate for program participants by 56 percent—and achieve the lowest readmissions rate among all participants in CMS' Community-based Care Transitions Program.

    Cleveland Clinic saved $90M on drug costs. Here's how. (June 14)

    To combat rising drug costs, Cleveland Clinic launched a cost control initiative that generated $90 million in savings between 2010 and 2016—and nearly half of those savings were on the inpatient side, Maggie Van Dyke reports for Hospitals & Health Networks.

    Amazon's shaking up the medical supply business. Here's how we're thinking about it. (June 15)

    Amazon's reported entry into medical product distribution should serve as a wake-up call that traditional relationships between providers and suppliers "are ripe for disruption," according to Advisory Board's Brandi Greenberg.

    The huge state-by-state variation in hospital spending, mapped (June 16)

    States vary widely in their per-capita health care spending, but the amount spent hasn't changed much in recent years, according to a Health Affairs analysis of CMS data. Check out our maps to see how the spending breaks down.

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