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April 24, 2017

Weekly review: 25 of the most engaged workplaces in health care

Daily Briefing

    Looking for a nice meal in Aspen? Try the hospital (April 17)
    Some hospitals are offering new dining options that are appealing enough to draw diners who have no affiliation with the hospital. But while the move can be good for hospitals' bottom lines, it poses unexpected ethical questions, Christine Ro writes for Food52.

    The hospital of the future might be in a town of 857 people (April 18)
    Lost Rivers Medical Center was bankrupt just a few years ago—but thanks to a determined community and an innovative CEO, the rural hospital is rebounding and "helping forge the future of American medicine," Anna Gorman reports for Politico and Kaiser Health News.

    We're one step closer to Star Trek-style medicine—250 years ahead of schedule (April 19)
    A self-funded team lead by a Philadelphia-area ED physician has won the international X Prize tricorder consumer medical competition, which was inspired by the famed "Star Trek" gadget that instantly diagnosed a range of medical conditions.

    Meet the 'Workplace Award Winners': 25 of the most engaged workplaces in health care (April 20)
    Advisory Board recently named 20 "Workplace of the Year" recipients and five "Workplace Transformation Award" recipients for exceptional performance in driving employee engagement. Read on to see the winners—and the three key traits they share.

    Why one doctor attends his patients' funerals (April 20)
    Palliative and family care physician John Loughnane reflects for WBUR on why he has attended his patients' funerals over the years—a decision he originally thought of as a "nice gesture," but one he came to realize gave him far more than he could hope to offer.

    TIME's '100 Most Influential': The 6 health care leaders on the list (April 21)
    TIME on Thursday released its annual "100 Most Influential People" list, spotlighting several health care leaders including Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard J. Tyson.

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