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February 13, 2017

3 things a new CEO compensation ranking gets wrong

Daily Briefing

    Trump: ACA replacement could take until 2018 (Feb. 6)
    President Trump on Feb. 5 appeared to roll back his promise to quickly repeal and replace the ACA, saying in an interview, "Maybe it'll take till sometime into next year, but we're certainly going to be in the process."

    5 indicators of burnout—and Melinda Gates' advice for avoiding it (Feb. 7)
    Writing for Forbes, Liz Ryan shares five telling signs that you're experiencing burnout, and in an interview with Fast Company, Melinda Gates shares valuable advice for preventing it.

    This 97-year-old nurse doesn't plan to quit anytime soon (Feb. 8)
    Kathryn Hodges is the oldest licensed registered nurse in New Jersey—and she plans to continue working, Jay Levin reports for USA Today.

    Money can't buy you happy employees, study finds (Feb. 9)
    A new Glassdoor study finds that, while employees value compensation and benefits, they aren't the most important factors in employee happiness. Here's what matters more.

    3 things a new CEO compensation ranking gets wrong about health care (Feb. 9)
    On Tuesday, Steven Brill published a ranking of the health system CEOs paid the most "for each day a patient spends in their hospital." But while reasonable people can disagree about whether CEOs are paid appropriately, the Daily Briefing's Josh Zeitlin argues that Brill's metric isn't very illuminating, for three big reasons.

    Why do we sleep? This theory may surprise you. (Feb. 10)
    Scientists have found new evidence to support the theory that we sleep to forget some of what we learn throughout the day, Carl Zimmer writes for the New York Times.

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