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January 23, 2017

Weekly review: GOP reportedly mulls automatic enrollment

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    GOP reportedly considers plan to automatically sign Americans up for insurance (Jan. 20)
    Under an automatic-enrollment provision, U.S. residents who do not obtain coverage on their own—either through their employers or elsewhere—would automatically be enrolled in a basic health plan.

    Woman killed by superbug resistant to all US-approved antibiotics (Jan. 17)
    A Nevada woman died last September from a superbug infection resistant to all antibiotics approved in the United States, CDC reported Thursday in the Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report—a finding that one physician described as "a harbinger of future badness to come."

    Gawande: 'Heroic' medicine isn't enough (Jan. 18)
    The health care system rewards "heroic" care—like the surgeon who gives a patient a new heart—while undervaluing "incremental" care, such as the long-term management of chronic conditions, to the detriment of overall health, Atul Gawande writes in The New Yorker.

    What Trump's HHS nominee told the Senate on value-based care, the ACA, and more (Jan. 19)
    The Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee on Wednesday held the chamber's first hearing on Rep. Tom Price's (R-Ga.) nomination for HHS secretary.

    The Trump era begins: What may change for hospitals—and what will stay the same (Jan. 20)
    The beginning of the Trump administration brings uncertainty for the health care industry and for the future of the ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid. Even so, providers' immediate path forward "shouldn't depend on politics one bit," according to three Advisory Board experts.

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