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January 4, 2017

Around the nation: At MassGeneral, a 12-year-old patient helps show other kids the ropes

Daily Briefing
    • Massachusetts: MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) recently unveiled an animated video—inspired and voiced by a 12-year-old patient—to help kids and their families feel more at ease in the ED. In 2014, Wendy Wooden, with help from her mother, wrote a guide on what children can expect in the ED. Payette, a Boston-based architecture firm, developed the narrative into a nine-minute animated video, unveiled late last year, that features voice-over narration from Wendy herself. The video recently received an award from the Patient View Institute (Payette release, 10/17/16; Massachusetts General Hospital for Children website, accessed 1/3; Ross, "On Call," STAT News, 1/3).

    • Mississippi: Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle, in Columbus, Mississippi, on Tuesday launched a new policy for its ED that aims to curb the prescription of pain medication to treat chronic pain. According to physician Joel Butler, the policy follows CDC guidance, which Butler said is "that the medications are best given by a patient's regular physician who sees the (patient) on a regular basis."  Lauri Sansing, nurse director at the Baptist ED, said, "We're just trying to impact what our addiction level is in this area for our county and to impact the overall national epidemic" (Altman, Columbus Dispatch, 12/31/16).

    • Texas: Doctors at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, recently performed an operation that combined two challenging procedures to treat a pediatric patient with severe heart complications. Ivy Chacon was born with reversed lower heart chambers, among several other cardiovascular problems. To treat Ivy, Vincent Tam, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Cook Children's, proposed performing the Senning procedure, a switch operation, and the Nikaidoh procedure, an aortic translocation. Doctors performed what they believe to be the first-of-its-kind surgery last October, when Ivy was about 16 months old. According to Lisa Roten, a pediatric cardiologist who treated her, Ivy's heart is functioning well (Bahari, Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Sacramento Bee, 1/3).

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