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September 19, 2016

Weekly review: Why CMS wants surgeons to code every 10 minutes of certain work

Daily Briefing

    The risks of statins have been overstated, study finds (Sept. 12)
    The benefits of cholesterol-lowering statins have been understated, and their harms have been exaggerated, according to a review of 30 years of research published in The Lancet.

    CMS wants surgeons to code every 10 minutes of certain work. Some aren't happy about it. (Sept. 13)
    Many medical organizations are protesting a new CMS proposal that would require surgeons to document every 10 minutes of their post-operative patient care activities for certain procedures—a requirement that one surgeon called "soul-crushing."

    Wake-up call: Most hospitals will lose money in 2025 if they don't improve productivity, CBO says (Sept. 14)
    Most acute care hospitals will have negative profit margins in 2025 unless they improve productivity or otherwise reduce cost growth, according to a recent Congressional Budget Office analysis. 

    Why moderate exercise might save patients $2,500 a year (Sept. 14)
    It pays to exercise, both for your health and your wallet, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

    What does dying feel like? Medicine is 'just beginning' to know (Sept. 15)
    Death is inevitable, but "despite a growing body of research about death, the actual, physical experience of dying ... remains shrouded in mystery," Jennie Dear writes in The Atlantic.

    Trump tells Dr. Oz he supports covering a 'large percentage' of people through Medicaid (Sept. 16)
    After the TV appearance, in which Trump also endorsed allowing women to buy birth control without a prescription, a campaign spokesperson told Bloomberg News that Trump had not proposed an expansion of Medicaid.

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