Around the nation: Inspired by grandson, man creates kidney donation program

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  • California: Sixty-four-year-old Howard Broadman wanted to donate a kidney to his grandson, Quinn, while he still could, but the four-year-old was too young. So Broadman spoke with doctors at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center about creating a "voucher program" that would allow him to donate his kidney to a stranger, with the condition that his grandson would jump to the top of the waiting list if he required a kidney transplant. The hospital agreed, and 10 other hospitals around the country have since come together to scale the voucher program. Jeffrey Veale, a surgeon at UCLA Medical Center, called the program "groundbreaking ... for the first time in history, we can actually start reducing the number of people who are on the waiting list" (Sanahori, USA Today, 8/1).

  • Indiana: CMS has rejected Indiana's request to temporarily block Medicaid beneficiaries from receiving coverage for six months if they do not complete a renewal process for the benefits. Indiana submitted the request in April. The agency noted that it has never approved a Medicaid waiver that allows a state to suspend coverage for reasons related to the renewal process. CMS in an analysis estimated that 18,850 individuals would lose Medicaid coverage annually if it approved Indiana's request (Dickson, Modern Healthcare, 8/2).

  • Maryland: Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine are using Apple's ResearchKit platform for a nationwide study on epilepsy. Five hundred epilepsy patients are using Apple Watches to track their seizure activity. The researchers hope the watches will identify when seizures occur and enable patients to more actively manage their condition. Nathan Crone, a neurology professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said, "A seizure detector might encourage patients ... to go out and do things by themselves maybe that they wouldn’t otherwise do ... That could affect quality of life in a big way" (Mottl, FierceHealthcare, 8/1)

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