Around the nation: Gov. Christie vetoes bill that would have imposed new fees on not-for-profit hospitals

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  • Florida: On Tuesday, a health care commission established by Gov. Rick Scott (R) last year after the state Legislature failed to expand Medicaid released a six-page summary of observations about the industry. The committee members, who were appointed by Scott, said there should be more transparency in the industry, including for hospitals' charge prices. According to the chair of the commission, the group did not have the health care expertise to issue specific recommendations (Reedy, AP/Stamford Advocate, 1/19; Mitchell, Florida Times-Union, 1/19).

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  • New Jersey: Gov. Chris Christie (R) pocket vetoed a bill that would have assessed new fees on not-for-profit hospitals while preserving their not-for-profit status. The state Legislature passed the measure following a first-of-its-kind court ruling in June that Morristown Medical Center did not function like a not-for-profit and, therefore, was not eligible for a property tax exemption. According to state Sen. Robert Singer (R), a co-sponsor of the bill, Christie has committed to coming up with an alternative solution (Jones Sanborn, Healthcare Finance News, 1/20).

  • Texas: The state has invested millions of dollars to build new medical schools amid a shortage of physicians. However, some stakeholders worry that the students may leave Texas upon graduation because of the lack of well-funded residency programs in the area. "If you have medical school grads and you don't have these residency positions, then you're just really investing in a flow that's going to go somewhere else," says Maureen Milligan, the CEO and president of Teaching Hospitals of Texas (Watkins/Walters, Texas Tribune, 1/16).

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