Did your hospital get an 'A'? Leapfrog grades 2,530 hospitals on safety

Thirty-four hospitals received an 'F' grade

The Leapfrog Group in its latest Hospital Safety Score update awarded more than 700 hospitals an "A" grade for safety—but more than 1,000 organizations received a grade of "C" or below.

For its latest scores, the Leapfrog Group assigned letter grades—A, B, C, D, or F—to 2,530 hospitals based on their performance on 28 safety measures. The group used data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the American Hospital Association's annual survey, CDC, CMS, and the Leapfrog Hospital Survey.

National findings

Compared with the last report, which was released in April, 46% of hospitals across the United States had their score change by at least one letter grade—for better or for worse.

In the latest report:

  • 773 hospitals received an "A";
  • 724 received a "B";
  • 866 received a "C";
  • 133 received a "D"; and
  • 34 received an "F."

According to Leapfrog, hospitals across the United States on average improved on eight safety measures, but declined on six measures, including foreign objects left inside patients after surgeries.

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State-by-state findings

Overall, the states with the highest percentage of hospitals receiving an "A" grade were:

  • Maine (68.8%);
  • Massachusetts (60.3%);
  • Florida (56.4%);
  • Virginia (53.1%); and
  • New Jersey (47.8%).

Meanwhile, five states had no hospitals receive an "A" grade:

  • Alaska;
  • New Mexico;
  • North Dakota;
  • Vermont; and
  • Wyoming.

The Leapfrog Group also did not award an "A" grade to any hospitals in Washington, D.C. (Powderly, Healthcare Finance News, 10/28; Rubenfire, Modern Healthcare, 10/28; Leapfrog report, accessed 10/30).

From our expert: How to think about hospital rankings

The glut of ratings raises two questions. First, is anyone paying attention—beyond largely ambivalent hospital executives?

And second, how much should hospitals care about these rankings?

In an interview with the Daily Briefing, Alicia Daugherty discussed the Advisory Board's research on rankings, addressed some of the criticism that these systems have received, and touched on whether a good rating can lead to a return on investment (ROI).


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