Google Glass may be coming back to the hospital

New version will have improved battery life, other features

Google has started distributing a new version of its Google Glass technology to software developers in an effort to create programs targeted at health care and other specific industries, Alistair Barr reports for the Wall Street Journal.

Some health care professionals said that the original version of Google Glass would be helpful in patient and surgery settings, but experts also raised concerns about patient privacy and broader privacy concerns because of the devices' ability to record video in public spaces.

Google stopped selling the devices in January.

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Details of new version

According to the Journal, the second version of Google Glass will include new features, such as a faster processor, better wireless connectivity, improved battery life, and a separate battery pack. The battery life improvements could help surgeons who might be use the device during a lengthy procedure, Nathan Eddy writes for InformationWeek.

Google expects certain organizations to be using the device by this fall, and the company does not intend to release a new version of Google Glass to consumers for at least another year, the Journal reports (Barr, Wall Street Journal, 7/30; Eddy, InformationWeek, 8/1).

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