Around the nation: One major company wants to 3-D print human skin

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  • Massachusetts: Boston-based Partners HealthCare has launched a new $1.2 billion health IT system that will eventually include millions of patient records from Partners' 10-hospital network. The system, developed by Epic, will replace dozens of different software programs that had been used by clinics, departments, and hospitals within the health system's network (Dayal McCluskey, Boston Globe, 6/1).

  • Ohio: Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble (P&G) is putting $44 million into a five-year research project that aims to use 3-D printing to create human skin tissue. The tissue would then be used—in lieu of animals—to analyze the toxicity and efficacy of the company's new household products. P&G is collaborating on the project with Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology & Research, which has asked researchers from the country to apply for grants associated with the initiative (Cincinnati Business Courier, 6/2).

  • Washington, D.C.: Judge Rosemary Collyer is considering the Obama administration's request to dismiss a lawsuit from House Republicans that challenges the president's use of executive action in implementing the Affordable Care Act. The lawsuit asserts that the administration did not have the authority to delay the law's employer mandate or provide payments to insurers to help cover out-of-pocket costs for some low-income consumers. Collyer on Monday ordered the administration and the House to provide more information in the case (Sullivan, The Hill, 6/1; Scott, National Journal, 6/1; Dunsmuir, Reuters, 5/28).

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