Healthgrades names hospitals with 'outstanding' patient experience, safety

Nearly 1,000 hospitals are named award winners

Healthgrades on Tuesday released its annual lists of top hospitals for patient safety and patient experience.

The health care ratings company also released a guide to improving safety and experience, but noted that the factors that improve the patient experience can vary significantly by region and hospital type.

452 top performers on patient experience

For its 2015 Outstanding Patient Experience Award, Healthgrades analyzed providers' 2013 scores on the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey.

Overall, 452 hospitals were given the 2015 award—representing the top 15% of hospitals nationally.

Healthgrades found the survey responses that correlate strongly with a hospital's overall rating also vary significantly by region and hospital type. Moreover, the components that used to have a major effect on overall experience scores—such as receiving help as soon as it's requested—are no longer the main drivers of the scores. Instead, the scores focus on other factors, like receiving information about post-discharge care.

"Hospitals need to better understand shifting drivers of satisfaction in diverse patient populations across different hospital settings," says Evan Marks, the chief strategy officer at Healthgrades.

467 top performers on patient safety

To determine the top hospitals for patient safety, Healthgrades examined CMS claims data from 2011 to 2013 and evaluated hospitals on their ability to avoid potentially preventable medical complications.

Overall, 467 hospitals were given the 2015 Healthgrades Patient Safety Excellence Award—representing the top 10% of hospitals evaluated.

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According to Healthgrades, if all hospitals performed as well on patient safety as those in the top 10%, 133,896 patient safety events could have been avoided from 2011 to 2013. Marks says 75% of safety incidents reported by hospitals are related to seven conditions or procedures. "Hospitals should focus their evaluation and preventive measures within these cohorts, streamlining their efforts for maximum results," he says (Powderly, Healthcare Finance News, 4/7; Healthgrades release, 4/7).

The takeaway: Healthgrades has released its list of the nation's top hospitals for patient safety and experience, but it notes the factors for improving performance on two measures varies by hospital and region.

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