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December 5, 2014

Hospital opens Apple-style 'Genius Bar' for health care

Daily Briefing

    A New Jersey hospital is bringing Apple's "Genius Bar" to health care with a new storefront designed to help consumers use health and wellness technology.

    The "HealtheConnect" store will be housed in the lobby of Morristown Medical Center in Morristown, New Jersey. It hopes to capitalize on the growing popularity of consumer-focused health care technology and help patients and physicians take health tracking to a new level.

    In addition to stocking everyday tech essentials like charging cords and ear buds, the store will also be staffed by full-time experts tasked with helping patients who have questions about their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The store will hold monthly seminars to help individuals understand information from various health apps and use mobile health devices, such as blood pressure monitors and wireless scales.

    According to MedCity News, Morristown Medical Center is among the first hospitals in the United States to venture into the retail side of health technology.

    David Shulkin, the hospital's president, says, "As the health care field continues to adopt technologies to promote health and well-being, we're happy to provide this resource to help community members further integrate new applications and technologies to improve their own health management" (Verel, MedCity News, 12/3). 

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