Joint Commission names 1,224 hospitals as 'Top Performers'

718 hospitals were one measure away from making the list

The Joint Commission on Thursday recognized 1,224 hospitals as "Top Performer[s] on Key Quality Measures" for their adherence to evidence-based clinical processes.

The fourth-annual list—included in the organization's 2014 Improving America's Hospitals report—recognizes 11% more hospitals than last year's list, which named 1,099 hospitals as top performers.

Time to 'face the facts' on building the evidence-based organization

How the Commission identifies 'Top Performers'

For its report, the Joint Commission assessed the performance of accredited hospitals on 46 accountability measures of evidence-based care processes.

Previous top performers

"Top Performer" designations were then awarded based on the accountability measures for heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, surgical care, children's asthma care, inpatient psychiatric services, venous thromboembolism (VTE) care,  perinatal care, stroke care, and immunization. Hospitals were required to select and report on six measure sets in 2013.

To earn "Top Performer" status, a hospital must:

  • Meet or exceed 95% performance on a composite score for all reported accountability measures;
  • Meet or exceed 95% performance on each and every reported accountability measure where there are at least 30 denominator cases; and
  • Have at least one core measure set with a composite rate of at least 95% and where all applicable individual accountability measures have a performance rate of at least 95%.

The Top Performers

Overall, roughly 37% of the 3,300 Joint Commission-accredited hospitals that submitted quality data for 2013 were named to the list. The honorees include 138 government-owned facility and 35 academic medical centers.

In addition, about 718 Joint Commission-accredited hospitals were just one measure short of qualifying as a top performer (Rice, Modern Healthcare, 11/13 [subscription required]; Zhani, Joint Commission release, 11/13; Infection Control Today, 11/13).

Become a top performer now


In a pilot survey, 75% of CMO indicated that evidence-based practice (EBP) had achieved some measure of acceptance at their organization.

Yet, despite the shift toward broad acceptance of EBP among medical staff, over half of physicians report not actually using guidelines day-to-day when they are available. As a result, organizations continue to see tremendous variation in clinical practice—as well as in costs and outcomes.

This infographic outlines four principles you can use to support EBP at your organization, along with action steps to implement each one and pitfalls to avoid along the way.

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