Healthcare IT News names the 'best' hospital IT departments

Communication, teamwork are key for top IT staffs

Twenty of the 25 honorees are Advisory Board members.

Healthcare IT News this week released its fourth annual rankings of the best IT departments at small, medium, large, and super-sized U.S. hospitals.

This year, 193 hospitals were nominated for the 2014 "Best Hospital IT Departments" program and 85 hospitals qualified for consideration. Overall, 5,506 IT employees from the participating facilities completed this year's 79-question online survey, which asked workers to rank the importance of their satisfaction with:

  • Day-to-day work;
  • Workplace culture;
  • Immediate work unit, team, or IT department group;
  • Senior management and organizational leadership;
  • Training, professional development, and advancement;
  • Direct supervisor or manager; and
  • Compensation, benefits, and employee recognition.

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The better an IT department scored in the categories most important to employees, the higher they placed in the final rankings. Of eligible facilities, Healthcare IT News identified the top IT departments at "super" hospitals, large hospitals, medium-sized hospitals, and small hospitals by staff size.

The top hospital IT departments, ranked

According to Healthcare IT News, the top five IT departments at "super" hospitals, or those with 200 or more IT employees, are:

    1. Meridian Health Systems (Neptune, New Jersey)
    2. MultiCare Health System (Tacoma, Washington)
    3. Carolinas Healthcare System (North Carolina)
    4. Tampa General Hospital (Tampa, Florida)
    5. Prime Healthcare Services (Ontario, California)

Meanwhile, the top five IT departments at large hospitals, or those with 76 to 199 IT employees, are:

    1. Phoenix Children's Hospital (Phoenix, Arizona)
    2. Kootenai Health (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho)
    3. Inspira Health Network (Bridgton, New Jersey)
    4. Roper St. Francis Healthcare (Charleston, South Carolina)
    5. AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center (Atlantic City, New Jersey)

Healthcare IT News identified the 10 top IT departments at medium-sized hospitals, or those with 26 to 75 IT employees. The top five are:

    1. Springhill Medical Center (Mobile, Alabama)
    2. Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System (Mattoon, Illinois)
    3. Children's Hospital and Medical Center (Omaha, Nebraska)
    4. Union Hospital (Elkton, Maryland)
    5. Blessing Health System (Quincy, Illinois)

And the best IT departments at small hospitals are:

    1. United Regional Health Care System (Wichita Falls, Texas)
    2. Highlands Regional Medical Center (Prestonburg, Kentucky)
    3. Thibodaux Regional Medical Center (Thibodaux, Louisiana)
    4. Sumner Regional Medical Center (Gallatin, Tennessee)
    5. Frankfort Regional Medical (Frankfort, Kentucky)

What makes a 'best' hospital IT department?

According to Healthcare IT News, the best IT departments focused on teamwork, good communication, and respect.

The eight qualities of a 'Best Place to Work'

"I believe that communication is key," says Michael Roberts, CIO at Highlands Regional. He adds, "I strive to always provide as much detail as possible on the background for the projects we handle. By understanding the business needs and goals for each project, the staff understand what we are trying to accomplish and the reason behind it. This gives your job meaning and shows how it fits in the big picture" (Healthcare IT News, 9/29).

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