Daily roundup: July 25, 2014

Bite-sized hospital and health industry news

  • California: Gov. Jerry Brown (D) this week signed a bill (AB 1572) that requires assisted-living facilities give residents greater representation by enabling them to create and maintain a resident council. After analyzing 7,000 state records of assisted-living center inspections, state investigators identified a variety of problems that mostly were caused by lack of training for staff and poor patient oversight, experts say. The new law requires assisted-living centers to help establish a resident council if two or more residents request one. In addition, the bill requires facilities to inform residents about the council and related activities, respond in writing to resident council concerns, and respond to concerns of family councils (Stockton Record, 7/23; Nelson, Contra Costa Times/San Jose Mercury News, 7/23).

  • Minnesota: The Minnesota Department of Health has hired a director for its newly minted Office of Medical Cannabis to lead how the state will implement its new medical marijuana program. The recently passed bill allows the use of medical marijuana in oil and liquid forms for about 5,000 patients with conditions that can be helped by cannabis (Hammerand, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, 7/23).

  • Tennessee: The Southern Poverty Law Center, the Tennessee Justice Center, and the National Health law Program this week filed a lawsuit against the state's Medicaid program, TennCare, claiming that the program has adopted "policies that deprive thousands of people of health care coverage even though they are eligible for TennCare." The suit comes days after CMS criticized the state for failing to meet six of seven "success factors" required by federal law to administer Medicaid. According to the lawsuit, Tennessee has forced applicants to apply for TennCare through the federal marketplace website and some applicants have waited three times the 45-day window to have their applications processed (Snyder, Nashville Business Journal, 7/23). 

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