Illinois is bringing doctors out of retirement

Retired health care professionals could help with physician shortage

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) this weekend signed into law a bill that will allow retired physicians and nurses to serve as volunteers at free medical clinics in order to expand access to care for state residents.

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Specifically, the law will allow retired health care workers—including dentists, physician assistants, and specialists—to receive volunteer credentials. The state will waive the credentialing fee for the first 500 professionals.

Quinn in a statement said retired health care workers "can and want to help those in need, and we should let them," adding, "It's just common sense to broaden access to health care, which is a fundamental right as a human being."

However, workers are not allowed to hold a regular license and volunteer license simultaneously.

Quinn also recently signed into law a bill that allows dentists to administer the flu vaccine under some circumstances (AP/Modern Healthcare, 6/23 [subscription required]).

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