The best (and worst) states to be a nurse

Oregon ranked the best practice environment for nurses

WalletHub—a social website that offers financial tools for consumers—has assessed and ranked each state's practice environment for nurses.

For the report, researchers at WalletHub examined 15 metrics that address job opportunities for nurses, competition for work, and workplace environment.

According to WalletHub's methodology, the five best states for nurses are:

    1. Oregon
    2. Washington
    3. South Dakota
    4. Arizona
    5. New Mexico

Meanwhile, WalletHub's five worst states for nurses are:

    1. Mississippi
    2. Louisiana
    3. Alabama
    4. Tennessee
    5. West Virginia

Overall: The best—and worst—towns to practice medicine in 2014

The report also includes states rankings for some of major measures of nursing practice environment. For example, the District of Columbia had the most nursing job openings in the country, while Alabama had the least (Kiernan, WalletHub report, May 2014; Hayes, Portland Business Journal, 5/28; Spicer, Rochester Business Journal, 5/28).

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