Moody's: Not-for-profit hospital margins fall to 2.2%

Expenses outpace revenue growth for a second year

Expenses continue to outpace revenue growth at not-for-profit hospitals, causing operating margins and cash flows to drop across the industry, according to new medians released by Moody's Investors Service

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The medians—which are preliminary—draw on audited fiscal year 2013 financial statements for nearly 45% of Moody's  portfolio of 448 not-for-profit hospitals and health care systems. The data show that the providers' expenses increased at an annual rate of 4.6%, outpacing their 4.1% annual revenue growth. As such, operating margins and operating cash flow margins declined across the sector; the median operating margin fell to 2.2%.

The declines "come after several years of growth or stability in profitability," Moody's analyst Jennifer Ewing wrote in the report. The trend is likely indicative of cost-containment strategies employed by many hospital operators, as well as a continued shift to lower-cost outpatient settings.

Moody's also pointed out that minimal rate increases from commercial payers on top of rate cuts from Medicare and Medicaid likely affected performance. The number of high-deductible health plans, which impose larger financial obligations on patients, also increased in 2013. This can often lead to more bad debt for hospitals and lower margins, Moody's pointed out.

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But while cash flow grew more slowly last year, balance sheet ratios remained relatively stable, while unrestricted cash and investments grew because equity-market returns were strong and capital spending fell. Moody's anticipates that an upcoming analysis of calendar year-end audits after September 30, 2012, will also reveal healthy balance-sheet ratios (Moody's report, April 2014; Landen, Modern Healthcare, 4/23 [subscription required]).

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