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March 18, 2014

Fake doctor who promised cancer cure will serve five years in jail

Daily Briefing

    A California man last week was sentenced to five years behind bars for pretending to be a physician and falsely claiming that he could cure cancer and HIV.

    According to the District Attorney's Office, Keith Barton promised a woman that he could cure her and her children of HIV. The woman paid Barton $18,000 for various treatments, and one of her children died as a result of receiving ineffective treatment, prosecutors say.

    Another woman paid Barton more than $32,000 for "dendritic cell therapy" treatments to cure her autoimmune disease. The woman also had all of her teeth surgically removed as part of the "treatment."

    San Diego Superior Court Judge Amalia Meza found Barton guilty on six counts of treating patients without a medical license, on three counts of grand theft, and on one count of false impersonation. On March 14, Judge Meza ordered Barton to serve five years in county jail and 16 months under mandatory probation (Littlefield, U-T San Diego, 3/14).

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