Let's move? The states that get the most exercise

Vermont, Hawaii residents get the most regular exercise

Residents of Vermont and Hawaii get the most exercise, on average, while Delaware residents get the least, according to a Gallup-Healthways report released this month.

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The report is based on phone surveys of 178,072 residents in all 50 states and the District of Columbia conducted throughout 2013. Researchers asked respondents if they had exercised three times or more in the last week.

The states that exercise the most

According to the report, the 10 states where residents reported exercising most frequently were:

1. Vermont (where 65.3% residents said they exercised three times in the last week); 2. Hawaii (62.2%);
3. Montana (60.1%);
3. Alaska (60.1%);
5. Colorado (59.8%);
6. Oregon (58%);
7. Idaho (57.7%);
8. New Mexico (57.4%);
9. Nebraska (56.3%); and
10. North Dakota (56%).

Overall, the survey found that about 51.6% Americans exercise regularly—down from 52.7% in 2012. According to researchers, residents may have been exercising less because of colder temperatures. Last year had the coldest and wettest weather on record since 2009, while 2012 was considerably warmer and drier, according to the National Climatic Data Center.

1. Delaware (where 46.5% residents said they exercised three times in the last week);
2. West Virginia (47.1%);
3. Alabama (47.5%);
4. New Jersey (47.7%);
5. Rhode Island (48.2%);
6. Tennessee (49.2%);
7. New York (49.3%);
7. Ohio (49.3%);
9. Indiana (49.4%); and
10. South Carolina (49.7%).

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What are Americans eating?

Additionally, the report analyzed state-by-state fruit and vegetable consumption rates. Researchers found that Vermont residents, for the second straight year, are the most likely to consume produce on a regular basis. Meanwhile, residents of Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Missouri are the least likely to regularly consume produce.

Overall, about 57.7% of Americans consumed produce regularly in 2013. According to Gallup, produce consumption has remained between 56% and 57.8% since 2008 (Sharpe, Gallup, 3/7).

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