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December 20, 2013

Year in review: The top four infographics of 2013

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    As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    In 2013, the Advisory Board used dozens of infographics to explain complex information—everything from Medicare payment reform to the integrated nursing enterprise—in easy-to-digest visual posters. Here, we highlight the four most-viewed infographics of the year.

    1. Get your frontline staff rowing in the right direction.

    Frontline staff rowing in the right directionHospital operational leaders cite strategy execution—a people-centric challenge—as the greatest barrier to sustainable hospital growth. As health care leaders shift toward a value-centered organizational strategy, they must also ensure staff is dedicated to advancing that mission.

    This infographic presents five examples of how staff may struggle to see the connection between their work and the organization's goals—and best practices to address these challenges.


    2. The field guide to Medicare payment innovation.

    With all the talk around the exchanges, it's important to remember that coverage expansion is just one part of Obamacare. Don’t forget about payment reform.

    This infographic presents an overview and assessment of the major Medicare programs accelerating the transition to population health.



    3.All roads lead to the medical home.

    Fee for service. Pay for performance. Shared savings. Regardless of the current risk environment for your organization, there’s one model that can generate benefits under all payment scenarios: the medical home.

    Get a taste of what the ROI of medical home transformation could look like for your organization.


    4. Building the integrated nursing enterprise.

    Integration—it's a goal many nurse executives share, as they increasingly oversee patient care across multiple, diverse care settings. Leaders must ensure timely, high-quality care in the lowest-cost setting—without unnecessary duplication of services across the care continuum.

    But where do you start? We spoke with six highly integrated organizations and found that while each developed a unique approach to integration, they all started by asking six key questions.

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