Hopkins unveils $4.5B fundraising campaign

$2.4B will go to the university's health system

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May 7, 2013

Johns Hopkins University this month announced the public phase of a $4.5 billion fundraising campaign that will bolster the university's renowned health system and expand graduate fellowships, among other things.

The university launched the quiet phase of the campaign in January 2010 and has already raised $1.94 billion.

Of the $4.5 billion, $2.4 billion will go to the system's six hospitals and medical school, and $2.1 billion will go to the university. Specifically:

  • 50% will be spent on research and programs;
  • 22% will be spent on 300 endowed professorships;
  • 17% will go to student financial aid and scholarships; and
  • 9% will be spent on facilities.

The university's president Ronald Daniels says that the campaign is a "call to action" and that the university is trying to "solve significant problems that are confronting society" (Hart, Bloomberg News, 5/5; Sharrow, Baltimore Business Journal, 5/5; Bishop, Baltimore Sun, 5/4).

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