Gallup: Nurses remain nation's most trustworthy profession

Pharmacists, physicians rank high

Americans identified nurses as the most trustworthy professionals for the 11th straight year in Gallup's annual "Honesty and Ethics" survey.

For the survey, which has been conducted since 1976, Gallup interviewed 1,015 U.S. adults by telephone to assess the trustworthiness of 22 professions.

Overall, honesty ratings for medical professions in 2012 are at the highest levels in Gallup's history, with medical professionals taking six of the top 10 slots in the survey:

    1. Nurses (which 85% of respondents said had "very high" or "high" honesty and ethical standards);
    2. Pharmacists (which 75% said had "very high" or "high" standards);
    3. Medical doctors (which 70% said had "very high" or "high" standards);
    5. Dentists (which 62% said had "very high" or "high" standards);
    9. Psychiatrists (which 41% said had "very high" or "high" standards); and
    10. Chiropractors (which 38% said had "very high" or "high" standards).

From 2011 to 2012, nurses raised their trustworthiness score by one percentage point, pharmacists raised their score by two percentage points, and physicians maintained their score.

Meanwhile, survey respondents ranked car salespersons and members of Congress as the least trustworthy professionals.

According to statement from American Nurses Association (ANA) President Karen Daley, "This poll consistently shows that people connect with nurses and trust them to do the right thing. Policymakers should do the same as they debate crucial budget decisions that will affect health care quality and access for millions of Americans" (Newport, Gallup News, 12/3 [2]; ANA release, 12/4,, 12/5).

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