Sky-high health care

World's tallest tower could house a hospital

The world's tallest building may house what could become the world's loftiest hospital, hundreds of feet in the air.

Sky City in Changsha, China, would stand over half-a-mile tall, higher than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, currently the world's tallest building.

The Chinese company planning the 220-story building says they will complete the construction in just 90 days, erecting an average of five stories per day. Officials with the firm say they will use a construction technique in which modular pieces of the building are created at an off-site factory and shipped to the location for quick assembly.

Plans for Sky City include a hospital with the capacity to treat 1,400 patients. They also include residences for 17,400 individuals, a hotel for 1,000, and a school for 4,600.

To get around the massive tower, patients and residents will have access to 104 high-speed elevators. And, if arriving by air, they can land on one of the 17 helipads.

"Perhaps some U.S. healthcare provider could vie to provide staffing and let us know what the view is like from up that high," Modern Healthcare's "Outliers" suggests ("Outliers," Modern Healthcare, 12/1 [subscription required]; The Nation, 11/21; Coonan, The Independent, 11/21).

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