CDC recommends new blood pressure guidelines

A CDC task force on Tuesday recommended a team-based approach to manage care for patients with high blood pressure.

The 11-member Community Preventive Services Task Force reviewed 77 studies and found that high blood pressure care and control improved when patients received treatment from a group that included their physician, as well as a nurse, dietician, pharmacist, and other professionals.

The team-based approach was most effective when members could make adjustments to a patient's medication, the task force found. In addition to managing patients' medications, team members also worked together to conduct follow-ups with patients and ensure that they adhered to a blood pressure control plan, according to the panel.

The finals results of the task force's review are expected to be released in May 2013 (McKinney, Modern Physician, 5/15 [subscription required]; CQ HealthBeat, 5/15 [subscription required]).

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