Aneesh Chopra to return to the Advisory Board

Nation's first Chief Technology Officer to advise on health tech strategy

Aneesh Chopra, the nation's first Chief Technology Officer, will return to The Advisory Board Company as Senior Advisor, Health Care Technology Strategy.

Chopra had served for the past three years in the White House, before stepping down as CTO last month.

"I am excited to return to The Advisory Board Company, where I spent close to a decade of my career," Chopra said. "The firm has always been dedicated to identifying and disseminating best practice research, and I am thrilled about how the Advisory Board has grown to offer best-in-class technology products. This combination of research-driven insights and innovative software is creating groundbreaking change in the health care industry by equipping members to capitalize on the power of technology to improve health outcomes while reducing costs."

In this role, Chopra will consult with member hospitals on integral technology and open data issues, as well as contribute to the company's business development and strategic planning efforts.

"As the federal government's first CTO, Aneesh drove sweeping change with his signature optimism and passion for the transformative power of technology," according to Advisory Board CEO Robert Musslewhite. "We are thrilled to tap into his unique insights and experience to spur innovation and benefit our members."

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