Physician employment at hospitals jumps 34% in a decade

Analysis: Hospitals employ more than 25% of active physicians

The number of physicians employed by hospitals increased by more than one-third between 2000 and 2010, Medscape Medical News reports.

Data from the American Hospital Association (AHA) show that hospitals employed roughly 211,500 physicians in 2010, up 34% since 2000. The findings indicate that hospitals employ about 25% of all active physicians.

According to Medscape, the increase in hospital-employed physicians mirrors a rise in the use of hospitalists.  AHA data show that about 60% of health care organizations used hospitalists in 2010, up from about 30% in 2003.

Hospitals on both coasts were more likely to use hospitalists than those in other U.S. regions, with 84.9% of hospitals in New England using hospitalists in 2010, compared with 32% in the West North Central region. Hospitals employed about 37.9% of hospitalists in 2010, while 42.2% were under an individual or group contract (Lowes, Medscape, 1/24).

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