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Our reads for the weekend

The Daily Briefing editorial team highlights several studies and articles that got us talking this week.

New year, new deals? California Healthline outlines the year ahead for physician-health plan alliances. More.

Rick Santorum finished a close second in the Iowa Caucus this week. His health care plan? “Get rid of… CMS.” More.  

Could price increases be the key to reducing alcohol consumption? People drink 3.4% less for every 10% hike in the price of alcohol, according to a study in Addiction. More

Tracking health insurance dollars: The Washington Post's Sarah Kliff looks at where each dollar spent on health insurance actually goes. More.

Should physicians take power naps during their shifts? Two physicians this week share their thoughts in Time Magazine's "Medical Insider." More.

iHealthBeat this week talked to nine health IT experts, who shared their thoughts on 2011 milestones and their hopes for 2012. More.

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