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Our reads for the weekend

The Daily Briefing editorial team highlights several studies and articles that got us talking this week.

Brush for your health: Taiwanese researchers find that regular teeth cleanings may be tied to a lower myocardial infarction risk. More.

iHealthBeat this week examines why data "could be king" in a reformed U.S. health care system. More.

How the United States could save billions by eliminating repetitive medical paperwork, according to Zeke Emanuel. More.

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Researchers find evidence of “chemo brain” in breast cancer survivors. More.

Regardless of legal challenges, the health reform law's changes are here to stay, the New York Times reports. More.

Who eats the most fast food in America? The answer may surprise you. More.

Despite concerns about its effectiveness, bone shaving surgery gains popularity. The New York Times has the story. More

Congress blocks changes to school lunches. Pizza is still a vegetable. More.


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