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Our reads for the weekend

The Daily Briefing editorial team highlights several studies and articles that got us talking this week.

Where do terrible singers go wrong? Study explains why many people can’t sing. More.

What the United States could learn from Britain’s health IT debacle, according to the New York Times. More.

Will specialists lose their jobs to highly precise robots? Slate explores the possibility. More.

Finding the humor in cancer? How Seth Rogan turned his friend’s cancer into a film. More.

Therapy on the go: Video chatting allows patients to "see" their therapists online. More. 

California Healthline explains why data took "center stage" at this week's Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco. More.

More hospitals are dedicating staff to palliative care in the ED. The Philadelphia Inquirer explains why. More.

How states and health systems are attracting primary care physicians to rural areas. More.

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