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Hospital marketers maintain a wealth of broad responsibilities and also oversee many more focused tasks. The Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development’s bi-annual benchmarking survey highlights marketer involvement in 20 different “marketing-related” activities—ranging from advertising to PR to market research to community education. Amazingly, more than 50% of respondents maintain responsibility for 13 of these functions.

Balancing these many tasks can make it hard for marketing leaders and senior executives to effectively monitor performance. So like many other hospital administrators, marketing executives have turned to a department dashboard as a means of tracking activities and results. However, Marketing and Planning Leadership Council research indicates that the purpose—and content—of these tools varies significantly across institutions.

While the content (i.e., tracked metrics) ranges widely by organization for obvious reasons—no marketing department looks the same as another, and each has different strategic priorities—the rationale for maintaining a dashboard more neatly falls into two buckets based on the intended audience:

  • Executive dashboard utilized by marketing leaders to report performance up to board members or C-suite individuals focused on broader strategic metrics such as market share or volumes.
  • Departmental dashboard utilized by marketing leaders to track departmental operations and performance focused on more granular departmental metrics such as web analytics and event attendance.

Despite the increase in utilization of marketing dashboards, Council staff continue to hear from members about the difficulty of developing these tools and determining appropriate measures to monitor. To assist our members and address these challenges the Marketing and Planning Leadership Council has created a Marketing Performance Dashboard, which includes pre-determined, customizable metrics and allows for access by multiple users across an organization.

Access the tool and learn more on the topic
Marketing and Planning Leadership Council members may access the Marketing Performance Dashboard or learn more about the creation and uses of such dashboards by accessing our archived webconference or the Original Inquiry brief, Marketing Dashboards Presented to Executive Leadership. Daily Briefing readers with questions about the Marketing and Planning Leadership Council may email

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