Where We Can Help

Managing the sustainable physician enterprise

Position the physician enterprise for growth and long-term success by partnering with expert operations, finance, and revenue cycle management resources.

Optimizing physician enterprise performance

Maximize the investment in the physician enterprise by undertaking focused improvement efforts that target the professional fee revenue cycle, IT utilization, physician compensation, financial reporting, and patient and provider satisfaction.

Acquiring physician practices

Identify significant issues that may impact the economics and operations of the physician enterprise prior to acquiring a physician practice. Ensure a smooth transaction and post-acquisition transition.

Establishing value-based care programs

Prepare your organization for the shift to pay-for-performance by establishing value-based care programs.

Developing a high performing medical staff

Develop a strategic plan for addressing medical staff development needs in your community and recruiting high-performing physicians.

Determining the best method for engaging the medical staff

Create a plan for integration according to your institution’s unique medical staff composition and establish guidelines for achieving those strategic goals.