Population Health Consulting

A Value-Based Care Consulting Service

Value-Based Care Consulting

Custom support for population health executives to move confidently from volume to value with:

  • Detailed assessments of capabilities and opportunities
  • Tailored road maps that lay out the right investments to make, and when
  • Elbow-to-elbow or interim support for optimal impact

From inception to implementation, shifting to value-based care requires a new model of health system operations—one that engages and enables staff, physicians, and affiliated partners to work towards new population health goals.

At its core, operational success is embedded in a strong population health infrastructure that promotes scalability and sustainability across the system.

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Establishing a solid foundation for growth

Since value-based care initiatives can impact traditional fee-for-service revenue, getting the operations in order for optimal efficiency is top-of-mind for health system executives.

But many transformation leaders struggle with bringing their population health strategies to scale in a cost-effective, accessible, and centralized way. The challenge lies in pulling together disparate resources into a centralized entity, and building a strong infrastructure to support system-wide operations.

Governance and Leadership

  • Develop a centralized infrastructure with local market governance to support operations
  • Engage local physician and executive leadership
  • Establish a care management leadership committee

Analytics and Reporting

  • Integrate IT platform for system-wide data collection and exchange
  • Modify quality, efficiency initiatives, and benchmarks for various markets

Care Management Resources

  • Design and deploy local care management resources and programs
  • Reduce cost and care variation through coordinated patient care

Processes and Procedures

  • Establish procedures for physician education and conduct remediation based on centrally developed reports
  • Design incentive programs in line with organizational strategies and objectives

Contracts and Partnerships

  • Arrange service contracts with payers and employers in local market
  • Expand network of partnerships for additional consumer value proposition

When organizations create a strong supporting infrastructure, population health management can become a major growth opportunity for health systems—reducing clinical variation, improving care outcomes, increasing patient access, and encouraging in-network referrals.

How we help

To support your organization’s specific strategies, we provide assistance with clinical integration, care transformation, risk-based contracting, and governance. Our expert team helps systems develop a Population Health Services Organization—a platform we are designing to give network providers access to shared services that support a variety of value-based payment arrangements, including full risk.

We treat every consulting engagement as a partnership, and we make it our mission to arm your team with the knowledge and skills needed to continue making progress long after our exit. Our standard partnerships typically include the following phases:

  • Strategy development: We start by assessing your current care structure, network, and capabilities—and draw on local market dynamics. From there, we’ll help you develop a comprehensive plan to manage population health, with recommended programs and partnerships, actionable next steps, staffing models, and tools.
  • Implementation: When you’re ready to put the plan into action, we’re there to help with the heavy lifting. We provide the executive, operational, and clinical resources needed to execute improvement initiatives, fill gaps in expertise, increase capacity, or all of the above. Our proven interim management approach allows us to quickly and positively impact your performance.

Our Experts

Braxton “B.J.” Millar, MBA
Vice President

B.J. serves clients with clinical integration formation, ACO formation, bundled payment design and implementation, program effectiveness, care transformation strategy, population health management, payer strategy development, provider aggregation, and the like. More.



Laurie Norman, MSN, APRN
Vice President

Laurie has worked with members across the country, assisting in the development of quality and initiative programs for clinical integration, hospital efficiency improvement programs, service line strategies, co-management arrangements, and other care variation reduction strategies. More.


Hunter Sinclair, MBA
Vice President

Hunter specializes in Medicare risk strategy, ACO and other accountable payment models, the development and operationalization of MSSP initiatives and clinically integrated networks, and providing strategic guidance to organizations navigating the transition from volume to value. More.


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