Patient access: More than just getting an appointment

Three steps to meet the challenge

The future of your health system’s growth boils down to attracting and keeping patients, and ease of access and the quality of the experience can make or break your growth strategy.

You know how difficult it can be to get a timely appointment with your doctor, much less trying to get an appointment with a new doctor. In this video, Ayal Bitton of Advisory Board Consulting (formerly Southwind), shares what his own experiences taught him about the importance of having a robust patient access strategy, and shares three strategies for managing the challenge.

1. Define the vision

Access is more than scheduling templates and phone management. It’s based on a core set of operational and service standards that are shared and embraced by everyone in the health system.

2. Align the processes

Integrated physician practices often vary in how they operate, which can lead to disjointed access and inconsistent patient experiences. A robust access strategy relies on streamlining protocols, staffing, and infrastructure for patient-centeredness and dependability.

3. Measure for accountability

As with all process improvement, you won’t know how well your access strategy is working unless you put accountability measures in place.

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