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Many hospitals and health systems are partnering to meet the demands of value-based care and population health. To succeed, they’ll need to identify the right partnership approach—from full-on mergers to formal affiliations to more casual collaborations—and make the necessary internal changes to support integration.

How we help

Our experienced consultants help you understand the range of partnership opportunities available and develop a network that best supports your financial, strategic, operational, governance, and cultural goals. We’ve consulted on:

Our approach

We know what it takes to partner successfully because we treat all our consulting engagements as partnerships in their own right. We adopt your goals as ours and make it our mission to arm your team with the knowledge and skills needed to continue making progress long after our exit. A standard partnership typically includes:

  • Strategy development: We assess current operations and conduct due diligence on both organizations to identify the partnership’s true potential and ensure a seamless transition with transparent communication. We also establish the foundation for successful integration and optimal return on investment.
  • Implementation: We work on your behalf to finalize negotiations and close the transaction. During implementation, we provide the executive, operational, and clinical resources needed to drive strategic initiatives forward, fill gaps in expertise, increase capacity, or all of the above. Our proven interim management approach allows us to quickly and positively impact your performance.

Our experts

Anthony D’Eredita
Executive Vice President
Anthony has led a number of engagements for hospitals and health systems of all types and sizes. His experience includes practice management consulting, health system physician affiliation consulting, and mergers and acquisitions consulting. More

Zach Hafner
Zach provides strategy consulting clients clients with deep expertise in growth strategies, delivery system optimization, physician-hospital alignment and integration, high-performing network development and product strategy, value-based payment models, and strategic partnership evaluation and development. More

John Johnston
Senior Vice President
John works with hospitals and health systems to improve their strategic direction, operational efficiency, and financial performance. In this role, he has assisted standalone hospitals and multihospital systems in developing and implementing complex strategies to succeed in the post-reform environment. More

Dick Wright
Senior Advisor
Dick consults on strategic planning, system physician enterprise operations, and mergers and acquisitions. He has worked at health maintenance organizations, a leading physician practice management company, hospitals, insurance companies, a health care technology firm, a management consulting firm, and a company delivering correctional medicine services. More

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