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All Medicare beneficiaries are entitled to an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) and various additional preventive care services.

Despite CMS clearly motivating providers to deliver more preventive care, research shows that in the past year 80% of Medicare patients went without their free annual wellness visit, and 30% of Medicare patients went without any preventive service at all.

Not only do missed visits mean missing out on opportunities to improve on key quality measures under MIPS, MACRA, CPC+, and more, but it also means missing out on immediate revenue opportunities for health systems that own physician practices.

How we help

Clinovations’ holistic approach was designed to deliver clinically-focused change. Clinicians rarely receive the education, tools, analytics, and performance management support needed to deliver preventive services to their patients in an effective and efficient way.

To execute this approach, we organize people, process, and technology solutions to improve the workflows and to capture the elements required to deliver preventive services.

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Across the country, our consultants and clinical leaders are working with health systems to improve clinician engagement, produce measurable improvements in clinical quality and boost financial performance.

Alexandra Povlishock
Vice President

Alexandra Povlishock is a vice president at Clinovations, a division of Advisory Board Consulting, specializing in electronic health record (EHR) optimization and governance. With more than seven years of experience, she brings to Clinovations an expertise in hospital operations, project management, and IT implementation and optimization.

John Kontor, MD
Executive Vice President

John leads EHR implementation, optimization, and population health and value-based care operations efforts. His unique perspective comes from his IDN experience in multiple executive roles, including Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO), VP of Medical Affairs, and Medical Director of two employed physician networks.

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When done right, a preventive services strategy can boost quality while bringing in immediate revenue. Join our consulting experts to learn more on August 29.

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