Medical Staff Planning Consulting

A successful medical staff plan blends the right mix of physicians with the right arrangements to satisfy your care vision for the community. But finding that balance is tricky. Initiatives like population health management and the Affordable Care Act’s Community Health Needs Assessment add even more complexity to the already ambiguous process.

How we help

Our experts help clients identify the right team structure and priorities by conducting:

Our approach

We treat every consulting engagement as a partnership, and we make it our mission to arm your team with the knowledge and skills needed to continue making progress long after our exit. Our standard partnerships typically include the following phases:

  • Staff assessment: We conduct interviews, focus groups, surveys, and more to identify holes in your current physician strategy and staff mix. We also look at chronic conditions in your community to determine the best staff structure for those needs.
  • Strategy development: Based on our findings and your organization’s input, we set priorities and develop a phased plan for achieving these goals.

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