MACRA Intensive

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) has created a host of new challenges for health care providers as they prepare to transition to one of two physician payment models: The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) or Alternative Payment Models (APMs).

To navigate this landscape, Advisory Board offers an on-site MACRA Intensive program to help providers prepare for the transition with customized, analytic-based guidance and strategic recommendations.

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Pre-meeting analysis

Prior to coming on-site, our team will dedicate 80+ hours for data gathering and analysis to deliver a comprehensive assessment of where the organization stands, with tailored recommendations for next steps.

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Based on this information, our team will complete the following on behalf of your organization:

  • MIPS opportunity assessment
  • APM scenario analysis
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Physician strategy assessment
  • Metric selection for quality and CPI
  • Resource use optimization analysis

On-site intensive

After the assessment phase, we will come on-site for a MACRA Intensive with three focus areas on the agenda:

Policy Education: We educate your team of executives and physicians on the emerging Medicare policies and protocols under MACRA, respond to questions and concerns to foster comprehensive understanding, and highlight where the law will have the most impact on your organization and business.

Performance Assessment: We present findings and outcomes from the pre-meeting analysis and discuss performance gaps, considerations to guide metric and track selection, and whether or not APM is a worthwhile pursuit for those on the fence.

Strategy Discussion: We facilitate a strategy discussion with a select group of senior leadership, discussing our top recommendations for your organization, and tactical next steps to implement structural and operational changes for successful performance under MACRA.

Our experts

Teresa Breen

Teresa Breen
Teresa Breen is a managing director within Advisory Board’s research division, leading strategic research in support of hospital, health system, and independent medical group executives. She oversees both the Physician Executive Council and the Physician Practice Roundtable membership programs, directing services and support for CMOs and hospital-based physician leaders as well as large independent physician organizations. More

Jack Hickey
Jack Hickey is a vice president with Advisory Board Consulting, bringing more than 30 years of experience in financial and operational management of the health care and transportation service industries. Jack provides leadership to members during interim and long-term management engagements and is instrumental in leading physician compensation plan redesign projects as well as conducting comprehensive financial and benchmarking assessments. More

Braden Lang
Braden Lang is a consultant with the Medical Group Strategy Council at Advisory Board. Braden has led much of the Council’s recent research on health care reform, primary care clinic design, and physician compensation. Prior to joining Advisory Board, Braden served as an attorney for the Idaho Department of Health and the University of Chicago Medical Center, and worked as a management consultant in the life sciences technology industry. More

Ingrid Lund
Ingrid Lund is the practice manager for the Physician Practice Roundtable, the membership within Advisory Board’s research division dedicated to serving large independent physician organizations. Prior to this role, Ingrid led the Imaging Performance Partnership, managing strategic research for imaging providers. More

Austin Weaver
Austin Weaver, MBA, provides Advisory Board’s consulting clients with targeted financial and analytical insight on their most pressing strategic issues. Austin works directly with clients to develop the necessary infrastructure to drive change. With more than 10 years of experience in health care, he plays an integral role in engagements, overseeing the development of large clinically integrated networks and accountable care organizations. More

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