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With the growing number of pharmaceutical and other life sciences firms entering the health care technology space, leading firms are gaining the advantage with strategic efforts that support health care organizations. To support customers and grow health system partnerships, pharmaceutical firms are leveraging EHR strategies that align with industry trends and consumer priorities.

How we help

The experts at Clinovations, a division of Advisory Board Consulting, help life science firms determine high-yield, value-add strategy for implementing health IT resources into the EHR. We work with clients to:

  • Build a foundational health IT understanding and value proposition
  • Identify potential partnerships with provider customers and industry innovators
  • Develop tactical approaches for market differentiation
  • Test and measure models of innovation with focused pilot programs
  • Develop best practices for scaling across the customer base

Our approach

Our services are designed with partnership in mind, and we make it our mission to arm your team with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain results and continue making progress long after our exit. Our standard partnership typically includes:

  • Strategy Development: After a current state assessment of health IT initiatives, customer partnerships, and brand marketing objectives, out experts will recommend strategies for capitalizing on existing initiatives and growing new ones. Next, we will develop a list of potential opportunities with integrated delivery networks (IDNs), hospital systems, EHR vendors, and other relevant partners.
  • Implementation: Once the new health IT resource is ready, we will help implement a pilot program. Throughout the process, our clinical and technical experts will be on-site, and on-call to educate the team and provide assistance when needed.

Featured expert

Jaime Vogel Sheiffer
Senior Vice President
Jaime brings more than 15 years of health care consulting and industry experience to the firm, focusing on advising global pharmaceutical firms on the assessment, design, and implementation of health IT strategies for therapeutic brand initiatives. Jaime was previously the Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development at an academic medical center. More

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