IT Implementation Strategy Consulting

Before investing in any IT system, health care leaders should consider what capabilities are needed and what vendor will best support those needs. But this is only the start. There are many other factors to consider after purchase, such as:

  • How to properly manage the system
  • How best to train clinicians and staff to use it
  • How it should integrate into workflows and routines
  • How it will comply with various external regulations and policies

With so many plans to coordinate, you need an implementation strategy to ensure you’re capturing the full benefit of your new technology investment.

How we help

The experts at Clinovations, a division of Advisory Board Consulting, work with providers and managers from the beginning stages of technology consideration to find the right vendor for the organization and its unique needs, and then develop an implementation plan and schedule aimed at improving patient outcomes while mitigating risks. In this plan, our consultants provide actionable steps for implementation and outline governance, integration, training, workflows, and policies for the technology—and as necessary, can help create system content and support meaningful use initiatives.

Our experts

Senior Vice President
Dan brings more than 15 years of IT experience to the firm, focusing on clinical, operational, and analytic projects for a variety of health systems. He has served as division CIO for University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH, where he handled IT strategy and oversight. As a registered nurse, Dan has held various clinical and leadership positions in hospitals and homecare organizations. More

Rodrigo Martinez, MD
Senior Vice President
As senior vice president with Clinovations, Rodrigo actively serves as a clinical lead for a variety of inpatient and outpatient optimization engagements, as well as strategy projects. He brings to the role extensive information technology skills drawn from his consulting experience at numerous hospitals across the county. More

What are the 10 Commandments of EHR go-live?

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