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About how we support the following value-based care programs and alignment models:

Considering the options regarding the route and pace at which you migrate to value-based care is at the core of health system strategy moving forward. Health systems must determine whether certain models make sense, and in what timeframe they make sense—to maximize payment and mitigate financial downside.

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Choosing to forgo profit in the short term

One of the most important yet challenging steps towards value-based care is determining the net impact on the entire health system over time.

In order to remain financially viable while on the road to value-based care, organizations need to develop a clear strategy that projects how care transformation initiatives will impact revenue. However, mapping out an economic roadmap requires an understanding and analysis of payer, physician, health system, and patient considerations.

With a comprehensive economic understanding, health systems can craft a sustainable value-based payment plan with a solid financial foundation for profitability and growth. Managing financial outcomes includes a dedicated focus on:

  • Pacing all population health management initiatives according to targeted financial net impact, including expected return on investment.
  • Projecting how care transformation initiatives will impact revenue in the short term, and what the financial outlook is over time.
  • Identifying the most profitable risk arrangements, with an evaluation of different contracts that involve distinct at-risk populations.

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Our consulting team partners with health systems across the country to analyze the financial outcomes of their value-based care plans—with pro-forma projections quantifying the impact of care management, physician alignment models, value-based purchasing, bundled payments, and shared savings.

We work with clients to design a custom, comprehensive roadmap that involves the integration of payer, physician, health system, and patient considerations to understand the full financial net impact of their initiatives. In addition, our consultants can conduct a risk readiness assessment to help organizations create a risk-based payment strategy tailored to their unique characteristics.

Our Experts

Dennis Weaver
Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President

Dennis works with health systems, state entities, and payers to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of care. He partners with institutions to develop novel care management systems focused on improving population health, strengthening primary care, enabling regional IT connectivity, and ensuring financial sustainability.

Tom Cooke
Vice President

With a focus on value-based care capabilities and IT initiatives, Tom provides Advisory Board clients with executive project management as well as strategic and operational support across a diversity of engagements. He has more than 31 years of health care and information technology experience and has helped provider partners successfully build more than 20 Accountable Care Organizations

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Executive Roundtable Session

Learn more about value-based payment strategies with an Executive Roundtable Session. Our experts will visit your organization to discuss overall health system objectives and assess where your organization currently stands on the path to value.

This session is designed specifically for the CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, and Vice Presidents of Marketing, Planning, Strategy, and Business Development.

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