Evolution of Advisory Board Consulting

Health care is in the midst of transformation, and we always have an eye on the horizon. Led by our team of experts, we’ve spent more than five years transforming ourselves to better serve our health care partners.

Physician alignment


Southwind Health Partners, LLC, was founded by John Deane. It grew over 10 years to become the leading firm in physician alignment and employment.


The Advisory Board Company acquired Southwind Health Partners, and retained 100% of the consulting team and legacy leadership team, who continue to oversee Advisory Board Consulting.

Transition to value


Recognizing the need for tight alignment with independent physicians, our team pioneered efforts to develop the clinically integrated network. That was just the start. Over the next five years, we continued to add new capabilities to support the development of all value-based programs, such as advanced primary care, accountable care organizations, and population health management.



As industry and market changes increased their threat to health system margins, we revitalized our hospital-focused consulting services with margins in mind. Merging hospital and physician alignment services, and with an eye toward the transition to value, we began offering comprehensive support to help health systems achieve sustainable margins.



Support for our clients’ growth initiatives has always been a part of our services. Over time, we saw that our clients needed help identifying the strategies that ensure growth in a changing, more consumer-driven market. To address this need, we launched a new corporate strategy offering fueled by top-rate talent.


Recognizing the huge investments being made in IT, we acquired Clinovations, a physician-led consulting practice focused on ensuring that health systems see the return on their investments. With the Clinovations team, we provide implementation strategy and planning, in addition to clinical workflow and technology optimization.

Meet our featured experts

Michele Molden
Partner and Senior Vice President
With more than 35 years of experience, Michele brings her deep expertise in managing large physician networks to our consulting team. She partners with clients to assist health systems and employed and independent physician enterprises to achieve financial and operational sustainability. More

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