Unlock $7 Million of Care Variation Opportunity from Your EHR

Topics: Electronic Medical Records Strategy, Information Technology, Clinical Workflow, Clinical Decision Support

August 11, 2016  |  Consulting

About the Webconference

Despite years of effort and numerous tactics deployed by clinical executives to rein in unnecessary care variation, over $700 billion remains as an opportunity across the health care industry. Simple guidance and education hasn’t been as effective as everyone had hoped to influence providers’ decisions at the point of care.

The good news is that EHR adoption has matured, and clinical decision support (CDS) is gaining momentum to serve as the centerpiece for next-generation clinical transformation strategies.

During this webconference, our experts walked though how one of the true pioneers in this space, Cedars-Sinai Health System, has blazed a new trail by prompting doctors to follow targeted, evidence-based guidelines at the point of order—documenting over $6.7 million in annual cost savings while reducing length of stay, readmissions, mortality, and complications. Listen on your own time and learn about an innovative approach Cedars-Sinai implemented to:

  • Improve visibility into the existing CDS environment to reduce alert fatigue and improve alert effectiveness
  • Overcome common obstacles that hinder effective CDS
  • Create a scalable CDS infrastructure aligned with health system objectives

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