Reflecting on this year’s senior executive retreat in Music City

Have you shared your 2013 Southwind Institute experience with friends and colleagues? The Southwind team has been abuzz with inspiration and excitement following our time with you, and we remain privileged to have been your host through, "A New Conversation." In addition, we enjoyed the opportunity to share a bit of Nashville culture with you, and hope that you found the full experience meaningful and memorable.

Reflecting back on the many messages and discussions, I cannot help but think of the challenges that will continue to arise within new care delivery strategies and shifting economic models. Re-examining and responding to what has brought our industry to this point requires us to acquire, enhance or redefine our skills, experience, relationships and culture. 

The endpoint may remain undefined, but we are gaining clarity around the foundational elements of a successful journey:

  • Establish a clearly defined and communicated vision
  • Build a clinically integrated patient-centered and engaging brand and culture
  • Achieve a sustainable and affordable economic level
  • Embrace and redefine primary care and access
  • Adequately resource clinical delivery systems
  • Provide data transparency and liquidity
  • Adapt and innovate with digital technology
  • Impassion and embrace our partners

So, I implore you to continue the conversations that we started a few days ago. Have the courage to face resistance with the conviction of your vision. The Advisory Board Company and Southwind division stand ready to bring its’ depth of consulting, technology and research to a partnership with you. Together, we can change the face of health care. 

Thank you for joining us for the 2013 Southwind Institute; I welcome an invitation to join your conversation—615-620-5021 or

Very truly yours,

Anthony M. D’Eredita
Executive Vice President

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The 2014 Southwind Institute will be held again next year in Nashville, TN.

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