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Holistic solutions to achieve ROI of
Health IT and EHR investments

Deriving clinical, financial, and operational value from health care technology investments has emerged as a top organizational priority for most health systems and medical groups across the country. It is essential for institutions to establish a culture of benefits-driven optimization to achieve long-term, measurable results.

Clinovations, a division of Advisory Board Consulting, works side-by-side with operational and clinical leaders within health systems and medical groups to develop strategies to optimize their Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other large Health IT investments to produce results that drive value and profitability in the health care delivery model.

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Identifying areas of improvement and customizing a strategy

Optimization is an ongoing process—every EHR implementation can benefit from process refinement, technology modifications, and workflow redesign. Many organizations struggle to address these opportunities as they face implementations with competing priorities and limited resources. Rather than react to issues, we help organizations address them with a personalized and proven strategy for success.

Refining system and clinical performance

In order for clinicians and organizations to meet their strategic objectives, a balance must exist between optimizing technology and modifying clinical workflows. Often a technology-focused fix is devised without recognizing root cause. Our experts are well-versed in navigating complex clinical workflows in addition to implementing technical solutions.

Improving expected results

In addition to quantified goals, strategic objectives should be established at the onset of a new project where they are tracked throughout the deployment. We work with organizations to create a culture of ongoing process and quality improvement to drive positive outcomes.

How we help

Across the country, our consultants are working with health systems to improve clinician engagement, produce measurable improvements in clinical quality, boost financial performance, and ultimately develop strategies to achieve ROI from technology investments. Our capabilities include:

Our experts

Steve Strode
Executive Vice President
Steve leads Clinovations’ ambulatory sector, bringing more than 23 years of health administration and management consulting experience to Advisory Board. His expertise is focused in the areas of practice management, outpatient strategy and operations, and system implementation and optimization.

Brad Howard, MD
Executive Medical Director
Brad’s EHR optimization expertise is focused on physician efficiency and care improvement. As a former CMIO, he has led the implementation and optimization of multiple EHR platforms in inpatient and ambulatory sites to achieve Meaningful Use and clinical transformation.

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