Our Best Resources for Optimizing Your EHR

The experts and consultants on our Clinovations team are dedicated to helping Advisory Board members get more value from their EHRs. Below, check out some of the most recent EHR optimization resources they've put together.

Expert insights from the field

John Kontor

“Why IT is crucial in managing risk of Medicare Advantage plans”
Monitoring patient complexity is starting to play an important role for any organization getting reimbursement by Medicare. EHR expert John Kontor, MD, of Clinovations explains the Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) method and how to properly account for complexity. Read the blog post

“Without CMO input, PAMA could create silos in clinical decision support”
The Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) introduced new mandates centered on clinical decision support (CDS) when ordering outpatient advanced imaging exams for Medicare patients, but there’s a danger in considering this a narrowly scoped radiology issue. Get our four recommendations for ensuring that your organization’s efforts to comply with PAMA also serve as a foundation for system-wide CDS needs. Read the blog post

Alexandra Povlishock

“AWVs: A hidden gem in quality reporting”
How can you improve your quality metrics when your staff is already so busy and new reporting mandates are looming on the horizon? Clinovations vice president Alexandra Povlishock shares how optimizing your Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) has the potential to improve preventive service delivery and patient outcomes, incentivize physician compliance with robust quality reporting, and more. Read the blog post

See why the EHR life cycle is longer than you think

Why the EHR life cycle is just like raising a child
Like raising a child, implementing and maintaining an EHR system requires significant planning, budget, and resources. Use our infographic to learn what’s involved in each of the seven stages of the EHR life cycle. View the infographic

Multimedia library

Unlock $7 Million of Care Variation Opportunity from Your EHR
In this on-demand webconference, our experts walked though how Cedars-Sinai Health System has blazed a new trail by prompting doctors to follow targeted, evidence-based guidelines at the point of order—documenting over $6.7 million in annual cost savings while reducing length of stay, readmissions, mortality, and complications. Watch the webconference

A patient-first approach to EHR use
Watch this short video to learn how Inova used their EHR implementation as an opportunity to engage with community physicians and provide a more seamless experience for their patients. Watch the video

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